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Learn about our wildlife pond in Sebastopol, CA and our off-the-grid wildlife pond in McCloud, CA

POND 2004
Our first pond, Sebastopol, CA,
in its 8th year, April 2004
MCloud Pond

Our 2nd pond, off the grid in MCloud, CA,
in its 8th year, April 2014

We've built our first pond in our Sebastopol, California backyard, in the hole that was left when we took down our above ground pool (the deep end was dug in). We've used almost all native plants. A lot of the fun in building this pond has been finding the plants, identifying them, and just seeing what will survive and what won't. We've also collected our own rocks. One of our biggest joys is seeing all the `critters' our pond supports, especially the dragonflies!
We encourage everyone to consider putting in a pond for wildlife.
It is a real joy.

Watch an HOUR long Presentation that Kathy gave in 2013 to the Saratoga CNPS club on
Building Ponds for Wildlife on YouTube: YouTube Presentation

2012 NEWS FLASH: We had a gorgeous mantled Black Bear come swim/bathe in our Mt. Shasta pond.
We put a one minute video up of his visit on YouTube:
This bear and now its cubs have returned now over at least a 6 yr time period!

Our Sebastopol, California Pond's Development and growth, from most current in time backwards to its formation:

To see a list and photos of the wildlife that has visited our pond, click here

This site is no longer kept current, but the pond is doing well as of this writing in 2021.

2018 - Our Sebastopol Bigsnest Pond's 23rd year

2017 - Our Sebastopol Bigsnest Pond's 22nd year

2016 - Our Sebastopol Bigsnest Pond's 21st year

2015 - Our Sebastopol Bigsnest Pond's 20th year

2014 - Our Sebastopol Bigsnest Pond's 19th year

2013 - Our Sebastopol Bigsnest Pond's 18th year

2012 - Our Sebastopol Bigsnest Pond's 17th year

2011 - Catastrophe on Xmas Eve!!

2011 - Our Sebastopol Bigsnest Pond's 16th year

2010 - Our Sebastopol Bigsnest Pond's 15th year

2009 - Our Sebastopol Bigsnest Pond's 14th year

2008 - Our Sebastopol Bigsnest Pond's 13th year

2007 - Our Sebastopol Bigsnest Pond's 12th year

2006 - Our Sebastopol Bigsnest Pond's 11th year

2005 - Our Sebastopol Bigsnest Pond's 10th year

2004 - Our Sebastopol Bigsnest Pond's 9th year

2003 - Our Sebastopol Bigsnest Pond's 8th year
The Pond becomes 'famous' - June 2003 with photos and a mention in
National Audubon Magazine!
A Liquid Noah's Ark
- by Tim Matson

Spring 2002 - Our Sebastopol Bigsnest Pond's 7th year
2002 started out with SNOW!

2001 - Our Sebastopol Bigsnest Pond's 6th year
Our new guest greeter: the front walkway wash tub pond!

The wildlife pond entered the new century:
Year 2000 [aka Y2K] - Our Sebastopol Bigsnest Pond's 5th year

1999 - Our Sebastopol Bigsnest Pond's 4th year

1998 - 3rd year maturation.

1997 - 2nd year maturation

View our pond's development during its 1st year - 1996

Our McCloud, California Pond on the southeast side of Mt. Shasta
We just couldn't live without a pond, even at our retirement home!
This pond is TOTALLY OFF THE GRID....
and for many years, we only visited it approx. once a month for a one week.
This site is no longer kept current, but the pond is doing well as of this writing in 2021.

Our Shasta Pond's Wildlife Visitors: list & photo links
NEWS FLASH! In 2020, while sheltering at our McCloud home,
we recorded a lactating female cougar at the pond!!

2016 - Our Shasta Pond, year 10

2015 - Our Shasta Pond, year 9

2014 - Our Shasta Pond, year 8

2013 - Our Shasta Pond, year 7

2012 - Our Shasta Pond, year 6

2011 - Our Shasta Pond, year 5

2010 - Our Shasta Pond, year 4

2009 - Our Shasta Pond, year 3

2008 - Our Shasta Pond, year 2

2005/2006/2007 How our NEW Mt. Shasta (McCloud) pond got started!

Read my articles:

Pleasures of Wildlife Ponding.

List of steps to Build a Pond for Wildlife

List of (mostly) North American Native Plants for use in ponds

Please check out our
List & Photos of our Pond's Wildlife Visitors/Residents!
One of our greatest pleasures is watching & documenting them!

We no longer advocate the use of mosquito fish, Gambusia affinis for mosquito control unless you live in the midwest or southeast U.S. where these fish are native. We've had negative experiences with their preying on our native western Pacific/Chorus Frog eggs and pollywogs and the dragonfly/damselfly eggs and nymph. If you live in the west, please consider using mosquito dunks, or a native fish such as Killifish or Sticklebacks that our tree/chours frogs, dragonflies, etc. have evolved with. I don't know anything about this site, but I did find it as a link I could point folks to. Most garden centers should sell this donut-shaped bacillus (BTi) 'dunk', please look for them. They kill ONLY members of the diptera family, such as mosquitoes and black flies. They DON'T harm dragonflies, butterflies, cats, dogs, horses or people, etc.

Here is a link to an article I wrote on 'Wildlife-Friendly Pond Cleaning' for the Internet Ponder [on line pond magazine] in March of '97

Build a Pond for Wildlife eBook
This eBook explains the philosophy and techniques for creating a pond that will be attractive to wildlife, and how this differs from building a pond for exotic koi or tropical lilies.
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by Kathy Biggs
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Learn how to attract wildlife to your home. This book includes a full chapter on Ponds for Wildlife, featuring the Bigsnest Pond.

The California Wildlife Habitat Garden: How to Attract Bees, Butterflies, Birds, and Other Animals [Paperback]
Nancy Bauer (Author)

Click on this link for more information &/or to buy:
California Wildlife Habitat Garden

Read Nancy's Wildlife Gardening Blog
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Links to other wildlife ponds

We built our pond, AND THEY CAME! ...the dragonflies that is! I couldn't identify them as there were no guides for CA. The long and short of the story is - I ENDED UP WRITING ONE - well, 3 now!! Now I go all over the west looking at dragonflies and giving dragonfly and wildlife pond presentations. Building a pond really changed our lives.
Below are links to the CA & SW Dragonflies websites I've built & also links that go to my books, INCLUDING OUR NEW COLORING BOOK and some other books that we now sell: This will take you to our California Dragonflies Site with links to pictures for identifying all of California's damselflies and dragonflies and
this link will take you to our Southwest Dragonflies Site with links to pictures for identifying all the damselflies and dragonflies that are known to occur in California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.

A Coloring book that teaches about dragonflies and dameslflies
Dragonflies of North America, A Color and Learn Book with Activities

2007 Click here for more information


both by Kathy Biggs and Tim Manolis

Azalea Creek Publishing

Our revised, updated and expanded dragonfly guide for California:
Common Dragonflies of California
A Beginner's Pocket Guide, 2009 (replaces out of print 1st & 2nd printings of this title from 2000)

useful in OR and WA too!
by Kathy Biggs
Azalea Creek Publishing

NEW!!now Available
Dragonflies of the Greater Southwest

by Kathy Biggs

June 2015

Includes all the species found in California
The Habitat Garden Book:
Wildlife Landscaping for the San Francisco Bay Region

Click here for more information

by Nancy Bauer
Includes a section on dragonfly ponds
Revised Second Edition June 2008

A guide for identifing the dragonflies & damselflies of the greater Southwest
Common Dragonflies of the Southwest
A Beginner's Pocket Guide
Click here for more information

by Kathy Biggs

Azalea Creek Publishing

Dragonflies of California and the Greater Southwest: A Beginnerís Guide (2017b eBook) : Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah
Kindle Edition
Lightweight! Take it with you on your phone, tablet or Kindle.

Click here to read the article An Interview with Kathy Biggs, on Dragonflies, Dragonfly Ponds and how She Became an Author

If you have a pond, would like to make one, are interested in California native plants or wildlife, or just would like to contact us, please do so bigsnest at

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